My name is Ruxandra Gabriela Popescu (known also as Ruxandra GP) and I am an XR / VR DIRECTOR based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My background is in fine arts and digital animation, with past professional experience working in the Northern Irish TV animation and gaming industries.
My deep passion for entertainment and innovation in the creative field has led me to experiment with VR creation tools which I now believe should be integrated in any 3D production that values efficiency. 
Having experience with all the stages of producing content in 3D and in traditional mediums, I developed a deep understanding of the weaknesses and strengths of both. To me, VR as a medium is the perfect space for blending technical and artistic abilities. My personal goal is to demonstrate that through the creation of collaborative narrative driven content.
For now, I am focusing on contributing my skills and knowledge to the development of animated immersive media.
Further competencies:​​​​​​​
I will be in touch with you soon. Thank you!
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