"Happy Holidays 2020" is a VR ride designed for the winter holidays. The experience starts off on a sleigh which slides off a hill, goes through the main gates and down into the peppermint caves under Santa's village. From there, we go up into a room where a bearded Santa checks the naughty and nice list, running each name through a magical device. Following the nice result, the viewer is sent to be packaged as a gift by little green helpers.
My intention was to bundle together things I love about the winter season and turn them into a fun, whimsical ride to be enjoyed on the newly released Quest 2. ​​​​​​​
If you would like to learn more about how I set up this experience in Quill, you can watch the video below. In this behind the scenes edit I talk about how I developed the style and things to be mindful of when creating a dynamic experience like this one.
"Favourite Season" was created for the Quill weekly challenge with the same name. The scene aims to capture a sunny winter day when the snow is freshly set. 
Winter is by far my favorite season. I intended to create an immersive scene showing why that is. I love the crisp cold air, the crunch of the snow, and the wholesomeness of catching up with close ones. I used little critters to emulate those various fun activities specific to snow days and painted the environment with a playful colour palette.
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